Are you the next best thing in the field of research in the arts and cultural sector? On June 25, 2015 Cultuurmarketing (a network for cultural marketeers) will hand out the first Cultuurmarketing Thesis Award. This is a prize for the best thesis in the field of marketing, communications, cultural entrepreneurship, policy and organization in the cultural sector.

Are you a student or alumnus, and have you completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis in 2014, focusing on one of the subject above, or any related topics? Sign up now!

You can sign up until April 15, 2015

Young researchers’ platform

There is a great need for new marketing, communication, organizational and policy talent, to professionalize and innovate the industry. In 2014, Cultuurmarketing introduced a ‘Research’-platform on it’s website, where several thesis abstracts written by young researchers were published. Cultuurmarketing will now emphasize the importance of research even further, by awarding the Cultuurmarketing Thesis Award.


You can sign up your thesis until April 15. Out of all the entries, 7-10 theses will be selected for the shortlist. The authors of these theses will be invited to present their findings during the Cultuurmarketing Awards on Thursday, June 25th, 2015; an excellent opportunity for you as a graduated student to present yourself to the field of cultural marketing! The winner will be announced afterwards.

The Thesis Award contains, besides the title, of:

  • a sum of € 500,-
  • an interview on
  • a presentation at the season opening of Cultuurmarketing
  • a membership to Cultuurmarketing for the season 2015-2016.


The jury will consist of chairwoman Marielle Hendriks (Managing director Boekmanstiching), Cor Wijn (Advisor on culture and the arts), Ruben Israël (Head Marketing Luxor Theater Rotterdam), and Anna Elffers (Teacher, Researcher and Advisor on target audiences and marketing for the arts).

Important dates

April 15, 2015:           Deadline registration on ‘Registration Cultuurmarketing Thesis Award’.
June 25, 2015:            Final round Thesis Awards during the Cultuurmarketing Awards.

Conditions for participation

  • Your thesis is written in the context of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, it is not a project that fell outside your curriculum. The research must be done to complete the (BA or MA) curriculum, not as intermediate paper.
  • Your thesis is about a topic in the field of marketing, communication, cultural entrepreneurship, policy and organization in the cultural sector.
  • The thesis is written in Dutch or in English.
  • The thesis process should be completed, that is, the thesis must be graded. The grade does not weigh in the evaluation of the jury.
  • Your thesis should be completed and assessed between January 1, 2014 and January 1, 2015.
  • You fill in the registration form completely, and sent it in before April 15, 2015. You will receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • After registration you will receive an email from Cultuurmarketing in which we will ask you to send us a summary of your thesis before April 30, 2015. Your summary is written in Dutch or in English and has a maximum of 2000 words. For this, you will also receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • If your thesis gets selected for the shortlist, we will ask you to send your complete thesis digitaly to Cultuurmarketing, together with your curriculum vitae. For this, you will also receive a confirmation of receipt.
  • If your thesis is nominated, you agree that Cultuurmarketing can use your thesis for publicity purposes.
  • You indemnify Cultuurmarketing of all third party claims for infringement copyrights.
  • The outcome of the Cultuurmarketing Awards is final, Cultuurmarketing will not correspond on this.
  • Participants are expected to be aware of these conditions and to agree to them.
  • On all cases not covered by these conditions, the chairman of the jury will deside.


The Cultuurmarketing Thesis Award is supported by:

Erasmus Universiteit RotterdamNHTV